A tribute to the Wayback Machine

This month’s blog post stems from a former life in which I – and a few of my mates – founded and governed a Community ICT Trust in Rotorua from 2004. We wound up the ICT Trust in 2010, with a number of successful projects under our belts. Times had moved on and technology had become both more ubiquitous and more intuitive, so a core focus of the ICT Trust around empowering local social service organisations had lost relevance.

Key initiatives of the Trust including:

  • Initiating and organising a 2008 Rotorua ‘E-Engage Your Community’ Conference (a partnership between Rotorua Community ICT Trust, Rotorua Social Services Council and Waiariki Institute of Technology).
  • 2007 to 2009 Rotorua E-Rider (Community IT Advisory) Project.
  • 2006 to 2010 Rotorua Community Website project (an inter-agency project developed over a two-year period). Outputs included http://www.myrotorua.com (led by Rotorua Community ICT Trust) and http://www.rotaz.co.nz (led by Rotorua District Council and youth stakeholder organisations).
  • Monthly newsletter including tips and tricks.


Website addresses don’t last forever. Sometimes information that you thought would be easy to access has disappeared, replaced with an error message. Never fear – the Wayback Machine is here. Check out: www.archive.org/web/

P.S. For more information on the Rotorua Community ICT Trust, visit: http://web.archive.org/web/20080704075456/http://www.rotict.orcon.net.nz/